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Choose your lighting. Choose your Movie.



Forget the Scary Divers Tubes.

We take Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy to a whole new level.

We know you remember the photos of divers being placed in tube-like cylinders, laying down with no movement. (Insert screaming.) No more. Our state of the art chamber holds two large airplane style seats, foot rests, choice of mood lighting, wi-fi, and an array of movies and tv to screen. Better health, better efficiency, none of the worry.

(One of our patients HATES small spaces and now does regular visits not only for her health, but to pretend like no one can call her.... even though they can. But, her kids don't have to know that.) But, phone or not - you can talk to use right from your control panel. We're here to make sure your recovery is as comfortable every step of the way. Or if you need movie recommendations. We're the full package.

How HBOT works.

Your body uses oxygen to make energy to heal. Ten times the Oxygen. Time times the healing. Simple SCIENCE.

Portrait of Senior Woman

The air we breathe contains volumes of about 20.9% oxygen, 78% nitrogen and small amounts of argon, carbon dioxide, neon, helium and hydrogen. The breathing air we inhale contains oxygen particles that travel from our lungs into the red cells of our bloodstream.


In normal conditions, cells absorb only 25% oxygen into their mitochondria – the power house of our cells (yes, the same ones you learned about in high school bio) – that convert oxygen and nutrients into ATP (Adenosine triphosphate), the high-energy molecule that stores and gives our body energy to function. This process is called aerobic respiration, the principal reason we breathe oxygen.


Inside a hyperbaric oxygen chamber, the pressure forces the oxygen into our lungs, bloodstream and cells to increase the absorption rates within the cells. More 0xygen is supplied to mitochondria, thus enhancing the production of energy.

Under conditions of pressure (for example 1.5 ATA), lungs can absorb more oxygen than breathing pure oxygen at normal air pressure. The circulatory system carries oxygen throughout the body to help fight bacteria and help the body to increase the oxygen supply deep into the cells.


In normal conditions, the oxygen level in our arteries is 100mm Hg. Inside a hyperbaric chamber at 1.5 ATA, the oxygen level in our arteries can reach under optimal conditions even 1000 mm Hg, an increase of 10 times than in normal conditions.

The ideal supply of Oxygen.

Organic tissues need an ideal supply of oxygen to function correctly. Injured tissue requires more oxygen to survive, thus hyperbaric oxygen therapy will increase the amount of oxygen carried by blood to restore adequate levels of blood gases and tissue function.

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